Weekly update on development process (Nov 22, 2021)

Shield Finance ($SHLD) is developing Coliquidity — a new way to trade crypto. Subscribe to Telegram / Twitter to get notified about early access.

Weekly progress

  1. 🔈 Published the New Roadmap for Shield Finance.

Lessons learnt

  1. Always listen to community members — they highlight the most important tasks that need to be solved first.

Next week’s focus

  1. ⚒ Write a specification for the new website (rebrand).

Please note that the “hiring pipeline” will remain in focus for multiple weeks. Hiring takes time, and we need to hire multiple people.

If you have questions about our progress, please send them to the special group. This week we will host an “asynchronous” AMA — we will answer the questions and post a recording on Wednesday. We feel that such a format is better for internal community Q&A, because it allows the participants from all timezones to send the questions in advance & listen to recordings separately.

About Shield Finance

Shield Finance ($SHLD) allows users to make more money using Coliquidity, which allows them to bank on uptrend & collect LP fees at the same time. If you want to get notified about early access to our product, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want to trade the $SHLD token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.

For any questions about Shield Finance, please reach out to us on:

Website: shieldfinance.io

Telegram: @ShieldFinanceHQ

Twitter: @ShieldFinance

Reddit: r/ShieldFinanceHQ

Medium: @ShieldFinanceHQ

YouTube: Shield Finance

$SHLD token: Uniswap + DEXTools