Weekly update on development process (Aug 9, 2021)

Shield Finance ($SHLD) is developing Market Crash Protection. Subscribe to Telegram / Twitter to get notified about early access.

App preview: https://app-shield-finance-hq.vercel.app/ (this is a work-in-progress; some buttons may not work)

We have validated the user demand for Market Crash Protection. The Buy Market Crash Protection form we created last week received a good number of responses and we will make contact with those users to set up the MCP for the tokens they specified.

Also, we prepared the $BULL token airdrop to resolve the issue in the contract for the second phase distribution and set the claims for the remaining distribution phase. Unfortunately, we had to postpone the airdrop launch due to high gas fees until the next claim window in September (see airdrop schedule).

$BULL token airdrop claim window is set within the contract itself. This means that claims can only happen within the set dates for the drop, we can not change that.

We have commenced discussions on MCP deployments with our partners and they are currently reviewing our code. Our developers continue working hard on the MCP app development.

We received concerns from our users who wish to stake $SHLD for NFTs on NFTrade $SHLD farm using Binance Smart Chain. As much as we would like to help our users cut costs on gas fees via the Ethereum network, it is technically impossible to stake one token from two different chains on one farm.

In future, we will open a liquidity pool on Binance Smart Chain, so that users could trade $SHLD tokens there with low fees.

About Shield Finance

Shield Finance ($SHLD) is developing Market Crash Protection that allows users to insure their portfolio against major market crashes. If you want to get notified about early access to our product, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want more details, feel free to read the technical documentation. If you want to trade the $SHLD token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.

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