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After validating the responses received for the Buy Market Crash Protection form, we have collected the stats for all responses and analysed the demands for token insurances.

Based on the poll stats, the demand for BTC & ETH is higher than for specific altcoins. This confirms our initial hypothesis that we should start with offering protection for those assets.

Interestingly, the results of the public poll are different from the results of the private interviews. Most of our investors / partners told us that they don't need protection for BTC or ETH, but they do need protection for various altcoins.

Maybe it's because investors & founders are long-term crypto believers, so they don't care about BTC & ETH price fluctuation, while retail traders do care about BTC & ETH price fluctuation.

See the results of our poll in charts:

We will start with selling protections for ETH and BTC. Our partner tokens will be deployed later after they review our code.

If you have any suggestions on improving Market Crash Protection, please contact any admin in the Shield Finance Telegram group.

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